Submission is one of the most criticized practices within BDSM. It is no secret that around it many questions arise since it is not known by everyone and many people still associate it with dark practices. That’s why today we bring you the most common myths about the art of submission and so you can feel safe when you are with your favorite submissive escort:

1. It is an abusive practice. To enter this world there are three keywords that all participants must know, and that is that the whole act will be safe, sane, and consensual. It is important for both parties are very aware that it can be enjoyed with security that is needed. That is why our submissive escorts London have a special keyword that they will let you know at the beginning of the evening so that you both live an extraordinary night fully enjoying your sexuality.

2. Those who practice it have some kind of trauma or psychological problem. This is FALSE! If there is something respectable and admirable is how clients and escorts can enjoy their sexuality no matter what they want to feel Everyone has their way of getting pleasure, our escorts know perfectly well that theirs is by being submissive and letting someone else take control. I’m sure you will be surprised to know how many people enjoy their sexuality with this interesting practice, why couldn’t you?

3. The woman is always submissive escorts London in the practice. One of the false beliefs is to establish fixed gender roles. Both male and female escorts enjoy the art of submission, this depends on the sexual preferences they have, it is an alternative way to offer pleasure, maybe one day you want to be the dominant and another day the submissive, escorts are able to fulfill both roles.

Leave the false myths aside and you will see how you will be able to fully enjoy all that this practice has to offer with the best London escorts in the industry. Despite being the submissives, they are still the professionals who will guide you so that everything goes according to your plans and your darkest fetishes come true. Are you curious? Now that you know more about it. It’s time for you to give it a try.

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