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Визитная карточка от alexa26

имя: alexa26
пол: женщина
Возраст: k.a.
Размер: 165
фигура: стройный
Вес: 50-55
Цвет глаз: коричневый
Цвет волос: каштановый
Грудь: большой
Интимный: бритая
Размер обуви: 0
национальность: 0

Личное: alexa26

Alexa has a look of an angel but the love and passion of the devil! The kind of young lady that most guys dream of meeting… luckily fate gives you the chance to spend some stolen hours alone with her! To maybe hold her in your arms and share something intimate and exceptional.
So very young, mischievous and spontaneous, Alexa likes to have special moments but get down and naughty too!!…. always with her sweetness shining through!
She has a very warm nature, with a body which yearns to be explored. She stands before you at the door, her lithe young body dressed to impress with just a hint of the cheeky lace that lies beneath, I defy any red blooded male not to turn a cart wheel or two.
This young blonde European is very open minded and an extremely naughty bunny. Anika enjoys life and loves to please and tease. She is a very truly effortlessly open minded lady with a zest of life and has such a great honeyed personality, friendly and outgoing.
Alexa is adventurous as she thrives on trying innovative and new experiences and ventures. She loves to makes certain the time you spend together is pleasurable and unhurried.
She is a very exciting with her mesmerizing blue eyes and a hot body that will make you tingle as soon as you meet. Delaying will be your only downfall!

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Телефон: 46149638

Город: Oslo
Страна Норвегия
Понедельник: Не приемные часы
Вторник: Не приемные часы
Среда: Не приемные часы
Четверг: Не приемные часы
Пятница: Не приемные часы
Суббота: Не приемные часы
Воскресенье: Не приемные часы

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