Qestions and Answers about Exclusiv Escort.net

Qestion 01 - Why should I make an ad on Exclusive-Escort?

Answer 01- You should create an advertise to see how the site if working. We are building the best website for escort service, and will be happy to see you here too :) We will offer a great service, and phone support, to make sure you get the best from the site. You can also contact us on email. Go to "Contact page to find more information" You can also control your advertise if you want that, and you can anytime change the information you want. Here are some of the things you can control in your advertise: You can add as many pictures as you like You can change all your information such as: Phonenumber, advertice information, pictures, height, weight, cup size and so on. and of course you have full control to change in the travelplan :-) We are making exclusive-escort a very easy site to use, but still with many opportunitys

Qestion 02 - How do I get an advertise on Exclusive-Escort?

Answer 02- You go to create ad and make an account from there. If you not have a computer, you can call us and we will help you make it. If you dont have a computer, you need to send us pictures and advertise information in post office, so we can make the advertice as good for you as possible.

Qestion 03 - Do I need to fill out all the information in my ad?

Answer 03- No, you dont have to do that, but we are making a search system for the users to find you, and the more things you added, the more easy it will be to find your advertice. We recommend you put in as much information as you can, that will make more people find you.

Qestion 04 - How many pictures can I have on my ad?

Answer 04- You can add as many pictures as you want. If you need to change, or hide some pictures for a while, you can do that anytime.. Just login to your profile and make the changes there, or call us if you need our help... thats what we are here for ;-)

Qestion 05 - Can I change my travelplan on Exclusive-escort?

Answer 05- Yes, you can do that very easy and fast.. all you have to do is login to your profile, and go to travelplan, there you can change it as you want :)

Qestion 06 - If I offer a service that you dont have on your list, what can I do ?

Answer 06- You can always contact us, and we will add the service you need in your ad.

Qestion 07- Can I use pictures in my advertise if they are not me ?

Answer 07- No. The pictures in your advertise have to be your own pictures.

Qestion 08- Will I get my ad online same day I create it ?

Answer 08- Yes, we validate ads every day, and as soon as we have validated you, your ad will be shown on the website.

Qestion 09- Can I make links to other website or my email from my ad ?

Answer 09- No. We dont allow advertises to link to other websites or use of your personal email. We hope you understand our reason for that. We have a complete email system integrated on the website, so the users can write you this way.

























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