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Prices For escort and message girls that have an ad on the site:


15 days

NOK 750,00 (EUR 95,-)

30 days

NOK 1.100,00 (EUR 140,-)

60 days

NOK 2.200,00 (EUR 280,-) _______________________________________________________

You can change all your information online.

You can upload all the pictures you want. (No limits on pictures to upload)

You can change and decide what pictures that will be shown in you ad.

You can create blogs that the members on the site can subscribe to.

You can change edit your travelplan and informatin on your ad, anytime you like.

You can reply to letters members of the site send to you (our internal letter/mailsystem).

If you don\\\\'t have a computer and need us to change your information we will do that free of charge.

Create your escort and massage ad here.


For the members that create a FREE profile on the site:

Its free of charge to make a user profile on the site.

You can add the girls you like to your own favorite list.

You can choose what girls you want to receive newsletters from.

You can send email to the girls directly from our internal letter/mailsystem.

You can see all the pictures of the girls and other information on all the girls

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Frontpage advertising:
Frontpage ad will be shown on the first page on . This will give you much more traffic(more clients!!) to your ad.

days: 1

NOK 200,00 (EUR 25,-)

days: 2

NOK 400,00 (EUR 51,-)

days: 3

NOK 600,00 (EUR 76,-)

days: 5 NOK 800,00 (EUR 102,-)

days: 10 NOK 1.500,00 (EUR 191,-)

days: 15

NOK 2.100,00 (EUR 267,-) _______________________________________________________

Priority ads:
Priority ad, so your ad will be shown first when people search or list you in the city you stay in. This will give you more traffic(more clients!!) to your ad.

days: 1

NOK 150,00 (EUR 19,-)

days: 2

NOK 300,00 (EUR 38,-)

days: 3

NOK 450,00 (EUR 57,-) days: 5 NOK 600,00 (EUR 76,-)

days: 10

NOK 1.125,00 (EUR 143,-)

days: 15

NOK 1.575,00 (EUR 200,-)

























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